Posted on 2013/07/28 14:21
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As the opening number hums into life, guitarist Bailey simply stood on stage and drank in the sight of the crowd with a smile on his face. Such unguarded enthusiasm was an indicator of the band’s genuine approach to its set. The band’s sound is a nostalgic one. It’s the tones of surf-rock, strained through modern indie sensibilities and with a sprinkling of shoegaze fuzz to keep things interesting. It’s mainly instrumental, with vocals used sparingly but to great effect.

Zachary’s softly singing guitar matches his vocals, the handwork behind the drum kit sweeping and fast. Syncopated high eerie guitar notes meld into a rough jagged line, making beautiful noise to a dance beat from the keyboard. The band kick on and dive into a surf-rock inspired washed-out number, so much so you could almost feel a sea breeze ruffling your hair. The song raced and raced into post-rock territory, the psychedelic mix of riffs and keyboard punctuated by paroxysms of rage from vocalist before collapsing into eerie guitar howls .

The band danced and swayed around stage, clear chime-like guitar called back memories of a time things were simpler and winding back the clock for all in the audience. The next song kicked back into the present with a dose of sadness, Zachary’s sweet voice containing just a hint of menace and dirtiness.

The band then delved into darkness with 3 guitars building a soundscape more worthy of Friday night’s lightning display than lunchtime Sunday at Fuji Rock. Drums were commanding across the song, shaping and guiding the development of the instrumental rage. The last number is a proper rock and roll fuelled number, ending with an abrupt crash.

Afterward, the lead man comes to the front of the barrier while other members throw drumsticks and even a can of beer to the audience, while waving. It’s this genuineness, in both the members and in their approach to the music that ensured the set and band would stick in more that a few minds.