Posted on 2013/07/28 18:11
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Lite are renowned for their sheer technical prowess and their first song didn’t disappoint. It was a runaway train full of force, dancing fingers and bodies as the guitars intertwine in a slow dance. It’s a combination of math-rock, funk and sheer grooviness. The third song saw the keyboard brought in using warm African percussion tones while the bass was turned up to 11. The song featured a dark, distorted city groove, stop start drums that the other instruments follow to begin a barrage of sheer instrumental noise.

The lead single off of their latest album, ‘Bond’, showcased the guitar players’ freakish talent and understanding of each other. The two guitar race through an intricate strafing, tangled duel, trading melodic hook for melodic hook. This is all presided over by the powerhouse skills of the drummer, spotless in his driving enthusiasm. Starry guitar opened the next as a wordless chorus (sung by band and crowd) compete against the unceaseless drums. Hard riffing heralded the return of in the form of a scat jazz keyboard voice while the band delves back into a groovy math-rock jam, a stew of riffs dancing to the drums sticks commands.

There was no rest between songs, the band content to flow through their set. It’s like a math-rock and a funk band got drunk together, stole a train, took it off the rails and are driving it through the middle of Tokyo, celebrating the sheer careless joy and inability to stop at any cost.The second last song let the bass show off with walking bassline funky as all hell, before the guitars launch into another duel. While normal band’s guitar duels are like watching an old Western shootout, this was more like a machine gun duel; a fast, furious and unending torrent. It came down to quiet effort before metallic riffs invaded but returning to quietness, ending in a harmonious web of melody.

To finish off the fantastic set was a bedlam of noise, electronica flying over a groovy metal kaleidoscope of noise. Electronics stepped up again as both guitars roared into life, metal riffs give way as the guitar screams like the tree it’s made from was still in pain. Lite’s sheer math-rock technicality would be impressive by itself but when it’s married to pure emotion and danceable rhythm, it becomes something truly amazing.