Posted on 2013/07/29 01:45
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He played it. Of course he played the damn song.

Earlier this year, Philadelphia music producer Baauer found himself on top of the American Billboard “Hot 100” chart with a song called “Harlem Shake.” That track – hyperactive synth, aggressive beat, sampled lion roars – reached the number-one space because of an Internet meme using the song. Here’s the Spark’s Notes version – “Harlem Shake” videos start out with one person solitarily dancing silly among a room full of serious people for 15 seconds. Then the song explodes, and EVERYONE is doing something wacky. This formula spawned countless YouTube videos…many receiving, like, millions of views…and helped propel Baauer to chart fame.

So of course he had to play “Harlem Shake,” even if he introduced it late into his set and only played about 20 seconds of it total, as if he was doing it out of duty to us, the people who wouldn’t even know who Baauer was if it weren’t for that track. Yet as much as he didn’t want it to be, “Harlem Shake” was the highlight of his set. Before he finally got to it, he mostly played hard-hitting remixes of popular hip-hop songs from the past 15 years, ranging from Kanye West to UGK to Outkast…well, actually, he just played that Georgia duo’s “B.O.B.” without any editing, which was also a high point, though mostly because it was Outkast. People in the Red Marquee enjoyed it…but they popped loudest for “Harlem Shake.”