Posted on 2013/07/31 19:49
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MTV / Gan-Ban area

Everywhere you go in Fuji Rock, people are having a good time but each stage or performance space seems to exude its own special aura which envelops the audience. It could be that the variations in the vibe of each area is reciprocal and doesn’t just come from the music and the decorative atmosphere of the particular area but the interaction between the people enjoying the music and the artists performing it. A succinct illustration of this is the MTV / Gan-Ban area which is tucked away on the left side at the back of the main food square near the Red Marquee. It may be small but the DJ tent, T-shirt booth and a stage for artists who have played at Fuji Rock to meet their fans is always buzzing with positive energy. This is also where you can get the coolest T-shirts at the festival, with this year’s best  for sure being the MTV / Beavis and Butthead / Gan-Ban shirt (so cool in fact that the singer from Killswitch Engage wore one while his band performed on the White Stage).