Posted on 2013/08/02 20:53
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Best of the Fest: Lisa

These are the top 5 performances (in no particular) that still leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy almost one week later. For some reason, this year I was drawn most to either the really, really big stage, or the super tiny ones. No room for keeping things in moderation here!

Brahman, Green Stage FRI 7/26 (pictured)
I was really impressed with how much they’ve changed since I saw them at the Red Marquee in 2011. They still have a very raw quality about them, but now with a maturity that’s developed over the past two years. Toshi-Low spending about half the set in the mosh pit was also an impressive featーas was the elbow-in-the-face he gave a crowd surfer who was insane enough to pull at his hair while sailing by.

Uhnellys, Naeba Shokudo, SUN 2/28
Don’t Stop. One of their song titles and also one of my requests. This was one of the performances I was looking most forward to all weekend, and I wasn’t disappointed. Multi-talented Kim and super sexy Midi make a killer combo. Rowr.

Bakudan Johnny, Rookie A Go-Go, SUN 2/28
“Bomb” Johnny couldn’t be a more appropriate name. These Hokkaido youngsters’ performance was explosive and entertaining. Whether the drummer stripping down to just a skimpy thong was an appealing or awkward addition depends on the viewer.

Kemuri, Green Stage, FRI 2/27
True rock legends played some funky ska-punk to a horde of devoted and crazy fans.

The Bawdies, Green Stage SAT 7/27
These lads showed the crowd a rockin’ good time. I wish I had a time machine to send them back and have them battle against The Beatles, or cause a stir on The Ed Sullivan Showーjust so they could get a bit more well-deserved publicity internationally.