7/24 THU (The Eve)OASIS AREA

Let The Party Begin!

It’s Thursday night: Fuji Rock Eve!

The doors here at Fuji Rock have been open since 6PM, just in time for everyone to grab a bite to eat before the pre-festival party starts later in the night.

As you can see, the Naeba sky is looking pretty dark and misty at the moment, but by 8PM it’ll be all lit up with fireworks to announce the beginning of the three-day festival everyone has been looking forward to for quite some time.

If you’re already in Naeba and are wondering if you should save your energy for tomorrow or jump up and join the celebration now, here’s the pre-festival party lineup to consider:

20:00-20:25 DJ Mamezuka
20:25-20:50 Black Kat Boppers
20:50-21:20 DJ Mamezuka
21:20-21:45 Kinoko Hotel
21:45-22:00 DJ Mamezuka
22:00-22:15 Lucha VaVOOM
21:15-22:45 DJ Mamezuka
22:45-23:10 SPEEDER-X
23:10-23:30 DJ Mamezuka

The air is cool and the night is young…

What excuse do you have not to party?


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