7/24 THU (The Eve)OASIS AREA

Review: Drug-on Tacos

Dave already mentioned the hilarious (and possibly intentional?) translation of “Dragon” to Drug-on” tex-mex place, and let’s face it: with a name like that, who wouldn’t want to try it? …Possibly a lot of people, but we did anyway.
Taco rice is one of their main stays, and punters can choose between “normal” taco rice (ground meat, salad, salsa and rice), and “Drug-on” taco rice (ground meat, chicken, salad, salsa and rice).
Pictured we have the “Drug-on” version (¥600) which, after consuming,we can’t deny or confirm the presence of drugs nor dragons.There is, however, some fresh and spicy salsa, coupled with a decent portion of seasoned chicken and ground beef. The salad and mayo-sauce are not bad, and the rice is pretty filling.
In summary, it’s darned good and well worth the trip to the other side of the Oasis to grab one!
Have you tried it yet?


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