7/25 FRIMokudotei

Abe Fuyumi

Fuji Rock can be a draining experience; it’s busy, it’s loud, it can be frantic running from stage to stage trying to stay on schedule and catch as much good music as possible. It’s for these reasons that I always make time to catch an act or two in the tranquility of the forest on the small Mokudotei stage.

It’s situated in the middle of the forest, accessible through the boardwalk by the white stage. Many people sit on logs or the wooden deck, feet from the artist. Fittingly, many acoustic acts are scheduled to play this stage. Today was no exception, Abe Fuyumi, a solo singer/guitarist took to the tiny stage to serenade us with something less noisy and less hurried than what was taking place outside the constrains of our forest sanctuary.

Part of Abe’s appeal and talent is respecting the sounds of silence and taking her time. She was perfect for the Mokudotei stage, where sounds of the wind, the rustling of the trees and sounds of insects all contribute to the soundscape. She has a very honest and natural sound, confirming that you don’t have to scream out to the Gods above to be expressive. Her soft voice and simple chords on mainly an acoustic guitar came across as raw and true. She didn’t demand anything of her audience, but was appreciative we were all there. Some people were sleeping, some hummed along, most observed quietly and appreciated the hideaway from the heat of the sun and the pounding of the giant speakers in the distance. All the while Abe took her time as she made her way through her fifty minute set; she said ‘hi’ to a passing child, sang along with the sound check of a distant stage and covered the song, ‘closer to you’ which seemed fitting as Abe was the artist I felt both physically and mentally closest to all day.


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