Japanese Soccer Fans Just Kickin’ Around

So, this is a tradition for sure, yeah? A gaggle of Fuji Rock punters wearing kits from various squads in the country’s top flight of domestic soccer, the J-League, were gathered in the food court area near the Red Marquee. Formed in a semicircle, one guy wearing the jersey of the Japanese National Team read off directions (just like last year, it wasn’t clear exactly what was going on…and whether this was super-dedicated football fans or sneaky in-real-life marketing…oh, the challenges of running around a festival!). Maybe they just want to play a game at the tucked-away soccer fields in Naeba.

Later on though, fans could go to the center and deliver chants tied to their favorite clubs. One guy supporting Gamba Osaka delivered a really passionate cheer…but he appeared to be the only supporter of the team, as everyone else sorta just laughed at him. Then again, maybe they were just laughing at the team being in 11th place….


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