Upendra and friends plus Mr. Sunil and Babu

In what is turning out to be a tradition here at Fuji Rock, Upendra and friends followed by Mr. Sunil and Babu took to the Gypsy Avalon stage in early afternoon. Although the performers are indeed very skilled, it feels like this stage in particular is suited to their performance.
The Gypsy Avalon area is about reflection, activism, world issues and peace. The music, while highly appreciated, isn’t overbearing and often gives those in attendance the chance to sit down, relax, eat lunch or chat with friends. There are always a few people captivated by the sheer skill of the musicians that they seem compelled to get up in front to dance or sway with the rhythm. The guys play traditional instruments from Nepal and India such as tabla or bamboo flute and they play them very well.
The reaction to the performance seems strong, as year after year they get the return invite. Would the same be true if they played the white or green stage? I think not, but the expectations at those stages is certainly different. If you’re looking for a place to unwind for a bit, and still take in great music, search out Upendra and friends plus Mr. Sunil and Babu I’m sure you can find them at the Gypsy Avalon next year.


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