If watching Grant Nicholas’ afternoon set at the Red Marquee was your first exposure to the Welsh singer-songwriter, it could very well be a shock to learn dude’s main musical notoriety came as the lead singer of English grunge-leaning outfit Feeder. That group caught attention for speaker-wrecking, slow-chug rock. Nicholas – sang skeletal love songs. It was tough connecting the dots, but as a relaxing mid-day stopgap, it did its job.

Nicholas, along with a three-man support band, was in a lovey-dovey mindset. The very first song hung on the line “I want to spend this life with you,” delivered sweetly over barely there acoustic strums. It’s the sort of line that works best in intimacy – or, probably sounds good if your making out with someone mid-fest (but the only thing anyone would want to embrace during today’s weather was a block of ice). It could get downright domestic – the song “Soul Mates” featured the lyric “soul mates to the end.” Soundtracked by twinkly xylophone touches and lightly brushed drums, Nicholas’ music did sound very earnest and devout. It’s intent, then, really wasn’t to get anyone going – unless they wanted to write greeting cards – but as a Saturday break, it was pleasant and cute.


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