It’s a picturesque trip up to the Daydreaming Stage, the green mountains unending as you sweep past in a cable-car. Once up on top of the mountain, the incredible scenery only spreads out further. Butterflies and dragonflies dip and swoon with the refreshing breeze that also carries the music clearly to all corners. Matsusaka Daisuke’s start reflects the calm mood of the morning, a calm ambient number with piping bird calls and deep clouds of synth. It slowly evolves over the course of the song, bass and pliant keyboard looming through this soundscape. One child in particular seemed captivated by this mysterious sound, goggling wild-eyed at the front of the DJ booth.

The set slowly works up energy, the DJ easing the crowd into a more wakeful state with a funk number. Matsusaka has incredible variety, with everything from real heavy beats to quiet, melodic daydreaming moments. His samples are also top notch, giving songs more meaning without intruding upon the pure instrumental heart of them. The flow and structure of the set is exemplary, the beginning or theme of each song clearly introduced in the song beforehand. It’s a wonderful calming hour of music that rewarded the earlyrisers (quite literally, given they’d come up the mountain!).


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