Travis: The Thinking Man’s Coldplay

Having a beard can make a whole world of difference. This was the impression I got after seeing Travis frontman Fran Healy jump on stage. His beard is a flowing mane of white and grey hair, belying the spirit of a poet, or someone who has lived well beyond his years.

Almost a decade ago, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, called himself “a poor man’s Fran Healy”. Few could believe both bands would go on to achieve incredible careers. Now with a growing mane Healy is attracting much more attention for his intelligent lyrics and sensitive writing.

Unlike Healy, the rest of the band has changed little, continuing their boy band image when they first broke on the scene. Members such as Andy Dunlop on guitar, and Neil Primrose on drums filled out the core of the band. The set began with the song “Mother”, later transitioning into “Selfish Jean”, and “Love Will Come Through”.

During the song “Where You Stand” Healy went into the audience, leaping over barricades to personally meet the audience.

Travis sounded terrific on the Green Stage today with songs such as “Flowers In The Window” with all 4 members gathered at center stage around the microphone. And finally, the song that everyone was waiting for, “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” which could be a Fuji Rock anthem but not this year. There was no rain at all during this performance, just lots of sunshine and smiles all around.


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