Posh Tomato

An exclusive VIP lounge nestled inside Palace of Wonder

Unlike the ostentatious display of snobbery and privilege at nearby Miniscule of Sound, this new entrant into the carnival of that is the Palace of Wonder is egalitarian to it’s core: a self-serve, pay-what-you-wish supply of drinks kept in a garbage bucket.

An over sized tomato set atop a sign “Posh Tomato” announces that you are about to enter the chill zone. Don’t be put off by the name, which may be better suited to a high end pizza chain, as this place attracts an envious clientele ranging from members of Franz Ferdinand on Saturday night to a couple from Dubai who settled in on Sunday. Jason Mayall is also known to make an appearance when things get too hectic at the Crystal Palace.

Benches are made from off season snowboards, and guests are encouraged to linger. However, there are some concerns that punters may soon overtake this secret spot, as Sunday evening’s visitors took an oath not to discuss nor divulge the location until this year’s Fuji Rock Festival was successfully put to bend.

And don’t be fooled by the low-key vibe of this “Very Inebriated Person’s Lounge” as Posh Tomato is in fact part of the Miniscule of Sound. In fact, it’s a cornerstone of their recently expansion this year which has already manifested itself in an outdoor cinema, a table tennis recreation area, and decorative mirrors placed in the adjacent garden area. At this rate of development, who knows what we can expect in 2015?


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