7/24 THU (The Eve)

Fuji Rock Weather Forecast: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Anybody who has already arrived at Naeba will know that the weather up here is a little wet. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s a little bit more more to come over the next three days.

The last weekday is looking the best of the festival, with the weather clear and sunny. The temperature will hover in the teens, peaking into the mid-twenties around lunch. There will only be a little wind to cool it down but otherwise excellent weather to kick-off.

The middle day of the festival will see the clouds coming in and they will be bringing the rain with them. As a result, the temperature will keep fairly low. The wind will be calm, but showers will last until the evening. It will clear over night but then return with a vengeance on Sunday…

The end of the weekend looks like it will bring the worst weather, with winds up to 30km/h and a couple of centimetres of rain across the day. With constant rain and the higher wind, the temperature will be the lowest and the mud the highest. Spots in the dry Red Marquee are going to be hard to find, get in early!


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