Nice fries and a drink at Pommeke

Photo by Patrick St. Michel


A lot of new food stalls have popped up at Fuji Rock 2016, but the most intriguing…in this writer’s mind, at least…is Pommeke, a Belgian-style frites restaurant located in Tokyo. They set up shop right near the left-side entrance to the Red Marquee, serving up cones of fries topped with either ketchup or mayonnaise (or half of each…live on the edge, people!), while also boasting a pretty impressive range of Belgian beers. Be careful though — fries tend to be thought of as a snack, but Pommeke’s offerings is pretty hearty, and is more like a meal than something small. But it is worth munching on fried potatoes for lunch sometimes.

Text by Patrick St. Michel Posted on 2016.7.23 16:27