Gaz Mayall Sightings

Photo by David Frazier


Gaz Mayall was fairly mobbed for photo requests Saturday afternoon in the World Food Court. Wearing that suit, one need not wonder why.

The London nightclub owner and former member of the Celtic ska band The Trojans is a long-time member of the Fuji Rock family and will open the Palace of Wonder every night with a DJ set at 10:30pm. He’ll be playing rare ska 45s and other rarities in his personal collection.

The DJ sets “are all going to be different,” says Gaz. “I’ve brought a lot of records and not going to play the same thing twice.”

Gaz says he feels that Fuji Rock may now be the world’s best music festival in terms of the visitor experience. “15 years ago it was definitely Glastonbury, but now it’s become such a monster. Even for artists, they do one-way walkways at night, so that you have to walk a mile and a half to get somewhere that’s within sight of where you are. It doesn’t have the freedom it once did. Here, this is just amazing. No one is stressed, everyone is just free to have a good time, and it all works so smoothly.”

Gaz also feels this 20th anniversary is one of the best Fuji Rocks ever. “They did some really great things, putting the main headliner on Sunday night so everyone just comes and stays through the weekend, rather than peaking on Saturday night and then letting it just fall off.

“And the weather, yeah, it’s just been fantastic,” said Gaz.

Text by David Frazier Posted on 2016.7.23 18:42