Bringing all the hits

Stereophonics are a Welsh band which have made a career out of playing simplistic rock songs featuring lead man Kelly Jones whisky tainted vocals. The band had a good run of early records and were tabbed to be the new Oasis when it seemed that each and every year that another young band would ascend to such heights.

That said, on a hot sunny afternoon, the choice of Stereophonics seemed liked a good fit for the Green Stage, much of which had already been staked out by camping chairs and for those waiting to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the evening. With the hill being mostly crowded, the band seemed inspired and began their set with some walk-out music that included a classic guitar riff by 50’s guitarist Link Wray, setting the mood just like Quentin Tarantino would in one of his cowboy westerns.

Backing Kelly was a strong complement of musicians such as Richard Jones on bass and Adam Zindani on guitar and Jamie Morrison on drums. As the band played a few days earlier at the Jishan Festival in Korea, many in the audience already knew what to expect which was a smattering of past hits like “The Bartender and the Thief” and later “Mr. Writer, and set closer ”Dakota”. Past hits continue to make this band a festival favorite, and once again Stereophonics did not disappoint.

Text by Sean Scanlan Posted on 2016.7.24 20:03