Tent pegs, disposable ashtrays, screws as instruments

Fuji Log: Day 1, Band 1 Boredoms

The decongestants are just starting to kicking and my coffee spiked with Bailey’s is helping me get over the hours of nonsense gibberish from the night before. Thank god the music is starting and i don’t need to entertain anyone anymore.

Boredoms were a good choice to open the Green Stage this year. A noisy clash of gadgets and hardware to awaken the rock spirits lurding in the wilderness. A howl for the holy, decadent aspects of life. Being a most instrumental band, they do sing, but mostly in an abstract way, allows the mind to wander and drift, and perhaps ready us for the onslaught of the next two days.

The band are never afraid of experimentation and I never thought band could compose a song using an inverted speaker cone, tent pegs, a purable ash tray, bent forks, and some screws. There was also quite a lot of gaffer tape on these speaker cones from prior wear and tear. Boredoms rocked this jam for like 10 minutes.

A few moments earlier, members of the band had picked up steel bars playing them like windchimes with frontman Yamasuke Eye in the back holding court with his own corrugated steel pipe of his own. He later added some electronic squeals and general industrial noise to fill up the sound. He’s become a DJ now and no longer rolls around on the ground unleashing ear splitting howls. You can tell his DJ sets are influencing his music as it has become much more mainstream.

I’m glad I got to see Boredoms today, and together with the decongestants, my head has finally cleared up a little.

Text by Sean Scanlan Posted on 2016.7.22 11:58