Fuji Rock has been blessed with incredibly good weather this year, notably no rain, which has made sitting in a field much more satisfying and enjoyable this year. Travis is someone who knows the rainy aspects of Fuji Rock as he has performed her four times in the festival’s 20 years. This means he’s more than accustomed to performing the number “Why Does It Rain on Me?” to a water sogged audience.Fortunately, this year was totally different.

Not only was the weather something to celebrate but so was frontman Fan Healy’s 43-year-old birthday. After delivering the first two numbers, Healy went out into the audience to don a paper happy birthday hat amongst audience where he was feted to the crowd’s rendition of “Happy Birthday”. Healy even got a fan’s shoulders to belt out a song “Where You Stand”. It wasn’t an entirely smooth transition from stage to shoulder top but Healy managed ably and was able to do a little crowdsurfing as well.

Later, Healy implored people to continue engaging on a one to one basis instead of via cellphone or via the internet in the song “Paralyzed”. Healy also appeared solo onstage in the song “Flowers in the Window” as a sort of tribute to familial love. He also instructed the audienc ein a special dance to accompany the song”Magnificent Time” implorving everyone with the message that “you have the permission to be 4 and have no regrets but just seize the day.

Healy one again thanked the audience at the Green State today saying “playing for you is the best birthday gift that I can have”. It was an electric performance before a packed stage as Travis proved once again to be a favorite of Fuji audiences

Text by Sean Scanlan Posted on 2016.7.23 18:16