Extra! Extra! Smash the 20th anniversary! Who cares?

Photo by ITSUKA


Staff from all over the world have been working hard in Naeba to make a massive party called Fuji Rock Festival and there was a small one just to welcome them with a 20th anniversary “birthday cake”. On the top, you could see the world famous Fuji Rock logo which was designed by Chris Musto and he himself seemed very happy to present this lovely cake. Yummy! We all love this, but it is doomed to become small pieces and digested in our stomachs. So, why not smash it from the beginning? I guess this was the idea and guess who did it… It was the chief producer and the boss of Fuji Rock festival, Masa Hidaka.

“How about this? Just smashed it all. This is what we are and call ourselves – SMASH.”

Smash was conceived by Mr. Masa Hidaka and throughout it’s history what they have been doing is smashing the establishment. The very first Fuji Rock Festival was held in 1997, evolving out of previous events and some crazy ideas. Indeed, the Fuji Rock Festival encompasses the whole Smash history and the 20th anniversary does not mean so much in comparison, I guess.

Are there still lots of crazy ideas bubbling in Masa’s mind? Maybe or maybe not, but like what Masa always says…

“Who cares?”

Well, we do care, and this year’s Express just has started now. Enjoy!

Text by Koichi Hanafusa Posted on 2016.7.20 15:56