Ease into the morning high atop Fuji Rock.

While most of Fuji Rock is just getting up and plotting their day, the top of the mountain is also starting to stir. The Day Dreaming and Silent Breeze areas atop of Naeba kick things off around 10 am each morning and I was there to watch it ease into action.  The area is quiet and sparse as the gondola slowly populates the mountain field.

Kicking off the music for the first set of the fest at high altitude was Tokyo based, tribal house/trance DJ, HOBOBRAZIL. His 2 hour set progressed along with the flow of the activity up on the mountain. He led the sleepy revelers into consciousness with laid back spoken word and chill out beats as people trickled onto the grassy dance floor. His set moved into bass heavy dub, tribal house and later quicker,more danceable trance.

Gradually the dance floor filled, people grabbed their morning beer and felt the need to move something. HOBOBRAZIL played the role of seasoned vet as he laid down a great early morning set. You get the feeling that our DJ is capable of captivating a crowd anytime of day or night at moments notice.

The Day Dreaming and Slient Breeze areas are always a refreshing trip into another world of Fuji Rock. HOBOBRAZIL delivered a perfect 2 hour set to ease us into the feeling of Fuji Rock. When he was finished he left most energized and ready to take on the day. Although my time on the mountain top is always shorter than I hope for, starting my fest up there this year was a relaxing and positive experience. HOBOBRAZIL provided the perfect soundtrack to the morning of day one of Fuji Rock Festival 2017.

 Photo by Tomoko Okabe  Text by James Posted on 2017.7.28 18:43