Kids’ Forest and Kids’ Land

Run, climb and play in the kids' area

The memories of yesterday’s short-lived sunshine may have vanished into the mist, as shown in these photos I snapped yesterday, but don’t let that stop you from letting your kids run loose and burn off some energy in the kids’ area. Fuji Rock has made efforts to make the festival family friendly, and in addition to some acts aimed at children, they can also play to their hearts content in the swings and treehouses tucked along the pathway between the green and white stages.

Both the kids’ forest and kidsland areas have some new and improved structures to climb and play on. Other activities include a small carousel, arts and crafts, and there’s a small stage in the forest for performances. With today’s weather it might be a little dangerous and slippery playing on the wet wooden structures, so here’s hoping the weather cooperates.



 Photo by Park Baker  Text by Park Baker Posted on 2017.7.29 11:10