J-Pop has an increased presence this year at Fuji Rock, so it’s notable that a popular J-rock band like Love Psychedelico was playing the Field of Heaven, which has in the past been reserved for hippies, world music, jam bands and other related genres that you can dance to in sandals. This is not to hate on Love Psychedelico, but rather to mention that their presence is probably connected to a change in Fuji Rock’s programming philosophy. In years past, a band like them would not have played on that stage. (One music writer put the percentage of Japanese bands at this year’s Fuji Rock at around 40%, while in the past it has been around 25-30%.)

Love Psychedelico’s set was lively and fun, played under mixed rain and sunshine, with bubbles floating through the air. The dreamy vibe was a perfect setting for their music, which is enjoyable radio rock and had the field mostly full. The tunes arrange both acoustic and electric guitar around catchy melodies. A big chunk of the lyrics are also in English, owing to lead vocalist Kumi having grown up in the US. They closed the show with their 2007 hit, “Freedom.” For the Field of Heaven, that was a solid choice.

 Photo by Yusuke Kitamura  Text by Dave Posted on 2017.7.30 17:12