Bass jammin' in the Field Of Heaven

On his albums, Los Angeles bass virtuoso Thundercat plays sleek, fast songs that rarely linger longer than they need to. But taking the stage at The Field Of Heaven on Sunday night allowed him the chance to stretch his songs out a bit, without sacrificing any of the polish or joy. Joined by a drummer and a keyboardist, he zig-zagged through his songs, finding moments where he could embark on extracurricular explorations of his sound. Bouncer such as “Captain Stupido” became mini epics featuring a lot of fancy finger work, while rubbery numbers like “Oh Sheit It’s X” were extended without losing their party vibe. He kept a few songs compact — the ennui-rich “Them Changes” being the highlight of the shorter stuff — but watching him navigate through his songs and find new passages was thrilling and a welcome development.

 Photo by Yusuke Kitamura  Text by Patrick St. Michel Posted on 2017.7.30 23:06