Getting Out of Here

Pro tips fer sure

So it’s pretty late on Sunday and you’ve got absolutely no idea about how you are going to get yerself home. No worries. We got some definite tips for all all budgets.

Taxi Stand: If you are in a hurry, there’s a taxi stand just a few hundred meters before the official bus station. I’ve been told that the fare can range from a low of 7,000 – 8,620 yen. Not a bad price considering its like a 40 minute ride.

Shuttle Bus: There’s a free shuttle to the Shinkansen. No need to line up at 6AM. Why not have a good breakfast and wait on the steps of the Swallow Hotel (also known as Blue Marque) until 1PM? There won’t be any line by then, and you won’t be stuck in the hot sun.

Hotel Taxi: It’s probably too late for your hotel to make a proper reservation, but if you berate them enough like I did last night, they may cave in and call an “out of town taxi” which costs a little more, like 10,000 yen. But isn’t that better than dragging your stuff across a hot dusty parking lot just to wait for a taxi or bus. Saving the sweat, may be worth the odd quid. Trust me.

 Photo by Fujirockers  Text by Sean Scanlan Posted on 2017.7.31 00:01