That's it ...

The grand finale for me at this year’s Fuji Rock was the band fornow which has one album Naked with four tracks on it. That should make the band easy to review, and by the way, they claimed to be from Niigata, meaning they are as local as you can get.

Anyways, this four-piece band took the stage with some applause and the spectators were a good 5-10 rows deep which is saying a lot as most punters would rather be at home by this point in the festival. Come on, the rain hasn’t stopped all weekend, but tonight was a bit of a reprieve with some enjoying the last licks at Red Marquee and far too early to get to the Palace of Wonder for those who are prepared to watch the sun come up.

I must say that the music and the sound on the Rookie Stage is heaps decent, with the staff working overtime to make sure that each band is given their proper due. The band bill themselves as electronica but I am not sure if this is entirely accurate as they look like just about every other band in this day and age meaning a heavy reliance upon keyboard and beats. The band played “DATN” which felt a refreshing feeling with the vocalist smiling broadly for the audience.
From electronica, the band showed their depth by toying with some 90’s R & B and soul. In fact, the dyed blond hair and the vibe was reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem back in the day, or at least what many imagined the scene to be back then.

The last number the band delivered was an upbeat track called “Basement” which featured organic grooves and lush synth melodies. The band was grooving and definitely saving the best for last, even teasing the audience with a lyric that “I want to dance a little bit more”. Naturally, the night was far from over as lots of fun and shenanigans could still be had.

 Photo by 粂井健太  Text by Sean Scanlan Posted on 2017.7.31 10:15