Takkyu Ishino is no stranger to Fuji Rock, having visited it numerous times as part of massive Japanese synth pop/EDM group Denki Groove. This year, he’s made it back alone with his solo material. However, Sunday night saw him being placed on the small Gan-Ban Square stage. It was a bit of a strange decision, given the love the Fuji Rock crowd has for Denki Groove leading to a huge crowd showing up despite the late timeslot. Takkyu has been cutting himself a name in the techno seen with his solo material, fairly seperate from what he has done with Denki Groove.

His set is one of deep, liquid techno with a great visual show (better visuals than some headliners on Green Stage…). It never loses its sense of urgency with a driving beat ever present. He flicks it up to another gear after 15 minutes, tinkling keyboard setting up a looping female voice as the stepping beat continues. The most memorable passage is when he strips it back to just the beat before pouring the melody back in. The crowd is lapping it up and there’s a dedicated bunch of trance heads down the front that look set to party on till sunrise. I concede defeat at 2am, leaving them to their fun on the final night of Fuji Rock.

 Photo by Yoshihito KOBA  Text by Matt Evans Posted on 2017.8.2 16:59