Posh Tomato Opens at 10pm

Closing time uncertain--the real after party!

I am breaking one of my personal rules by blogging about Posh Tomato while the festival is in progress. About three years ago I made a pledge with a few friends to keep our fave spot nice and chill instead of overrun with tired festival goers looking for a place to set down their camping chair. But in light of renovations at the out of the way bar, and a chance encounter with the blokes Larry and the Big Hun, who run the bar, I’ve decided to let the cat of the the bag so to say.

Tucked high up in the hillside near the Miniscule of Sound in the Palace of Wonder, this little spot of humanity donates 100% of its revenue to relief work in Nepal, a nation still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake three years ago. The inspiration is partly inspired by Larry who stored discarded wood from previous festivals as well as generations by bands who in the first year would give their unused allotment of backstage drinks to the bar.

A year later, the decision to take the bar seriously and support a cause was made. Upendra and Friends who take the proceeds back home. Last year, it was enough to host three different dedications at local schools. To think that all this money comes from late night revelers warms the hearts of many.

Hun says he became involved with Fuji Rock through a foundation he runs called Treecred which helps make music festival environmentally sustainable or at least offsetting their carbon footprint. He says he was moved by the earthquake in Nepal and definitely wanted to do more for this country which was in critical need of help. As a result, he helped launch Posh Tomato with the help of a few friends, including Adam, a winemaker and very fine carpenter.

Hun says that the bar goes through some 30 bottles a night, all doled out in paper cups and sourced from local convenience stores. The menu is basically sake, served cold but with a great deal of compassion. Some renovations have been made this year to expand the bar to 60 seats and a DJ set has been added including acts such as Sunshine Lover, Afrohuman Beatbox, and others.

As in years past, it is still pay as you wish and definitely to the 60 or so people lucky to get a seat here. Its all made from recycled wood ans a safe oasis in the heart of a roaring festival.

 Photo by Posh Tomato  Text by Sean Scanlan Posted on 2017.7.29 10:34