SERGIO ROTMAN (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)

God save the Queen!

Sergio Rotman is a rock star in Argentina, most famously a member of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, where he plays saxophone and bass. Here at Fuji Rock, he’s performing two sets in support of his wife Mimi Maura (Saturday at Palace of Wonder, and Sunday at Cafe de Paris). This however was his DJ set, and it was placed in the raucous Latin & Ska Friday night lineup arranged by local promoter Japonicus. So essentially, he was opening for the Barcelona Band Doctor Prats — the most fun thing at Fuji Rock so far this year — and kicking off a really great dance party. As a DJ he was playing anything and everything, drawing from his great familiarity with south American and Caribbean ska, cumbia and other instrument-based dance music. But he also sprinkling in a very healthy dose of punk and new wave. At the end, with the dance floor already fairly manic, he grabbed the mic and declared, “I love punk rock.” Then he closed it out with a classic from the Sex Pistols.

 Photo by MASAHIRO SAITO  Text by Dave Frazier Posted on 2017.7.29 17:28