Western Caravan

The silver foxes duel country style till midnight

Circle the wagons and protect your daughters for there’s a Western Caravan full of silver foxes in town. With not a member that looks under fifty and a few that look like they were probably actually part of the original Blues movement, there is a whole lot of experience. The songs may be short and sharp but it still features dueling violins, tapping drums, slide-guitar and a singer with a smooth straight Texas country voice.

Their quaint and folksy, honky tonky country with a healthy serving of swing sets many a foot jigging and a body swinging. They might have to compete against two other concerts on bigger stages nearby but they cut over the top of them with ease, arrogantly shrugging off the challenge in a blaze of fiery soloing. This was just a taste of them, if you wanted the full show I hope you were at the Field of Heaven at 1:50pm Saturday.

 Photo by Tomoko Okabe  Text by Matt Evans Posted on 2017.7.29 17:47