Welcome to Fuji Rock 2019!

  • Welcome to Fuji Rock 2019!
  • Welcome to Fuji Rock 2019!
  • Welcome to Fuji Rock 2019!
  • Welcome to Fuji Rock 2019!

Photo by Laura Cooper Text by Laura Cooper

Posted on 2019.7.25 18:12

Warming up for a Rockin' Weekend

Greetings from Naeba!

With just a short time before the gates open, the Fujirock Express team is getting ready to cover this year’s fest. The campsite is a-bustling with arrivals and there’s a lovely expectant buzz in the air partnered with a sense of relief that the rain we encountered on the drive up has passed through.

The sun is shining, the damselfies are zooming around in the late afternoon glow and we can hear tonight’s artists sound-checking in the Red Marquee. Earlier we took a stroll across the Green Stage grounds (disturbing the resident grasshoppers) and along the boardwalks where you can see a plethora of Gon-chans scattered across the river bed below an atmospheric mist.

Things you should check out if you’re coming to tonight’s pre-party include the annual Bon Odori in the Oasis area followed by fireworks before the music begins. The line up tonight features five acts (you’ll find out who when you arrive) as well as our customary crowd photo in the Red Marquee. If you manage to get in the photo, be sure to pick up the commemorative postcards available during the weekend.

Words of advice to finish: the sun may have been out but the ground is still boggy and slippery. Muggins here already had a little slip while traversing the grounds (but luckily I saved my beer) and now sports a mossy leg.

Cheers to another rocking year at Fuji Rock!

7/25 THU (EVE)