High Flying SUKE3&SYU

  • High Flying SUKE3&SYU
  • High Flying SUKE3&SYU
  • High Flying SUKE3&SYU
  • High Flying SUKE3&SYU

Photo by Jonathan Cooper Text by Jonathan Cooper

Posted on 2019.7.25 22:45

Flipping and rolling straight into your heart

This acrobat duo’s first Fuji Rock experience could have gone smoother weather-wise. Rain delayed the start of their inaugural performance, but when the skies cleared they took to the stage (well, dirt) with their unique blend of physical feats, choreographed dance and comedy. Then the rain started. But they did not let it stop them.

Seeing two people balancing together held up by a single planted arm is impressive. Seeing it on top of precariously stacked tables slippery in heavy rain is inspiring. They did not let the weather get to them, and watching them continue their routine despite the mud and wet made you want to root for them like the plucky underdog team in a sports movie. Yes, it was that cinematic.

The rain thinned the crowd, but didn’t dampen their performance. Please make sure to see another of their sets during the fest, and be sure to drop some dough in the hat for these big-hearted tumblers.