Amazing Record Maze

  • Amazing Record Maze

Photo by 阿部光平 Text by Sean S.

Posted on 2019.7.27 14:43

Getting lost in the music

Many will notice that the newest addition to the Orange Court is the “Record Maze” or “Orange Maze”, a dazzling work of wood, used vinyl, and an enormous inflatable sculpture of the Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as the Rock.

“All of the wood is from last year’s Unfair Ground which we needed to do something with. So we decided to upcycle,” says Jason Mayall, the originator of the installation and long serving festival staff leader.

While the inflatable sculpture is borrowed from “Splendor in the Grass” all of the vinyls posted on the walls are original Japanese pressings donated by Naoki Ienaga of Dub Store Records. “I showed Jason a picture of the records which I was throwing away and he said don’t do it. I will make something with it.”

According to Ienaga, there are some 3,000 to 4,000 records in the maze, which are all very common records. “I get them all the time and have to throw them out, despite having a vast warehouse to host his collection. After the festival is finished this year, the records won’t be tossed, instead put away for another year where they vinyl should be able to resist the elements very well, though the cardboard sleeves which often adorned by scantily clad women appealing to GI consumers, my fade from the art installation.

The are is open daily though closes in unison with the ending of music on nearby stages.

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