Shohei Takagi Parallela Botanica

  • Shohei Takagi Parallela Botanica

Photo by omiso Text by Sean S.

Posted on 2019.7.28 14:57

Music mixing nicely with the rain

Shohei Takagi Parallela Botanica is a solo project started this year with a performance at “Quiet Spark” in January and “Circle in Fukuoka” in May, with Fuji Rock being the band’s third appearance this year. The rain was quite heavy as the band took the stage and the footing was soft underneath. Despite this, a large crowd did form, turning the stage in front of Gypsy Avalon into a colorful field of ponchos and rain gear.

After Shohei Takagi said, “Thank you very much for coming in this kind of rain. Thank you very much” the band proceeded to play the first tune with a simple guitar line and a loose tempo. The band has a traditional cool jazz feel which is very pleasant and agreeable. Many bopped along and nodded to the rhythms. Even the rain didn’t seem to bother many people as one member of the band speaking into the microphone says “Rain, that’s good. Our songs are better for the rain than for the sunny day.”

This was certainly true! If you really love listening to jazz, you seek to cherish the romantic feeling of the music which can mix nicely with the splash of raindrops. It was a wonderful blend of elements and a true credit to the band that they could keep performing during such difficult weather conditions.

The second half of the set transitioned as the band picked up the tempo as conditions became worse. The five players played songs full of romantic or erotic atmosphere. “The indie music world, we will meet again somewhere.” The final song involved a mix of accordion, guitar, and saxophone solo which helped tame the harshness off today’s elements.

And then it was soon over as I wished the music would have continued as many were left truly fascinated and entertained by this wonderful cool jazz band.