The Weather Report for Your Last Chance to (Fuji) Rock in 2021!

  • The Weather Report for Your Last Chance to (Fuji) Rock in 2021!

Photo by Laurier Tiernan Text by Laurier Tiernan

Posted on 2021.8.22 10:31

Stay Safe on Your Last Day!

“What’s the weather looking like, Aunty Tiernan?”

I’m glad you asked, Dear Audience! Get comfy, and I will tell you!

Japan’s Meteorological Agency gives us a high of 25, and a low of 19 today. So, you might want to dress in layers, and be prepared for anything. Once again, they’ve also given us a Thunderstorm Advisory, but yesterday we had one, and nothing really happened; save the sudden tropical downpour that hit us around 15:45. The lead singer of The Cro-Magnons joked that Sambomaster brought it, but I think the metal assault of envy surely killed it!

However, today is a brand new day! And, we have another Thunderstorm Advisory. So, once again, let’s play safe out there! Please stay hydrated, keep your masks on, and stay away from people and trees!

Your Sister in Safety,


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