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  • Rookie a Go-Go Deluxe

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Posted on 2021.8.19 19:11

Rookie a Go-Go received an upgrade to fly high in your memories this year! Its brand-new location sits conveniently between the Red Marquee, and the white-and-yellow press tents beyond it. With a brand-new festive design, and plenty of reminders for social distancing, it’s an ideal place to find yourself a new favorite band!

Friday features TAMIW, Sound’s Deli, and Haiki. Saturday, the stage will host SEAPOOL, Acidclank, and MELT4. And, finally, on Sunday, Rookie a Go-Go will bring you a lineup featuring ELL, STAP, Sigh Boys, and Ms. Machine.

TAMIW seem to bring a 21st-century Kate-Bush kind of vibe, with arrangements and production that are way above their station. Sound’s Deli serve fresh Japanese hip-hop, peppered with English phrases and selected expletives. Acidclank bring indie rock befitting the Dismemberment Plan. And, MELT4 display the relevance Metallica wish they had.

In short, most of these bands will transcend this forrest stage, and hold the potential for worldwide acclaim!

Catch them first, in the intimate beauty of Naeba’s nature!

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