Daidogei at the Gates

  • Daidogei at the Gates
  • Daidogei at the Gates
  • Daidogei at the Gates
  • Daidogei at the Gates

Photo by Jonathan Cooper Text by Jonathan Cooper

Posted on 2021.8.19 19:32

Street Performers Welcome Festival Goers

The motley crew of Daidogei street performers are one of the spices which gives Fuji Rock its flavor, and you shouldn’t miss your chance to have a taste. Fortunately they were the first sight to be seen upon entering the Thursday pre-festival festivities.

A staple since the festival began, these performers are hard working. Jugglers, living statues, mimes, magicians, clowns, the list of performers for your between sets enjoyment is endless. And these are buskers, after all. Don’t forget to tip your buskers handsomely for the distraction they provide.

Right ahead of the marvelous Fuji Rock gates Masato Moja, avant-garde magician, and Eppai, one-man-clown-band, were on hand during the sunset hour to provide us with an appetizer of performances to come over the course of the weekend.

This year as with most years these entertainers can be found performing around the Naeba Oasis and various other spots around the festival, but due to the lowered number of active stages this year they have also been given a temporary home on the Avalon Field. So long as the weather keeps, you can expect something unexpected to be going on there thanks to this crew of merry pranksters. Don’t miss your chance to see experience something out of the ordinary.

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