Clear Skies for now, but a Hard Rain May Fall!

  • Clear Skies for now, but a Hard Rain May Fall!

Photo by Laurier Tiernan Text by Laurier Tiernan

Posted on 2021.8.20 11:25

We’ve been blessed with an incredible beautiful start to Fuji Rock 2021! The pre-fest sky only shed a light drizzle, and the temperature remained hospitably nice.

And, this morning, the official start time saw us graced with even better; clear skies and a balmy 27 degrees! However, as is seen in the lovely photo above, clouds are gathering rapidly.

Being in the middle of a mountainous region, weather is prone to sudden changes, and iPhones indicate a chance of rain looming from 3 p.m. It’s likelihood sits at 40% now, but will increase to 50% by 8 p.m., so maybe ready a hat, or tie a raincoat around your waist. Few things can dampen a live show than being rained on without warning; unless that happens to be your thing. 😉

On Saturday and Sunday, the predicted likelihood of rain is increasing to 80% and 90% respectively so – once again – plan, ahead, stay dry, play safe, and be well!

See you out in the fields of sound!

Yours in Music,


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