This Time for Real (a Light Weather Warning)

  • This Time for Real (a Light Weather Warning)

Photo by Laurier Tiernan Text by Laurier Tiernan

Posted on 2021.8.21 10:01

Yesterday, I told you there was a chance of rain, and recommended readying a hat, or some manner of raincoat. Yet, we were spared precipitation.

However, today, it looks more ominous, as you can see from this lovely photo. Japan’s Meteorological Agency warns of a Thunderstorm Advisory, and there is a whopping 80% chance of rain swooping by at 2 p.m. The likelihood of precipitation increases to 100% by the time we reach 3 p.m., so ready those hats or jackets (yes, for real this time).

Please play safe, stay dry (unless you like being wet) keep your mask on, and look out for others!

Yours in dry wit,


P.S. About that thunderstorm warning, please avoid hiding under trees. Lighting will take its shortest route to reach the ground, and if you are hiding under a tree, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to be struck. I imagine the same type of concept applies to giving you a reason to not go near the stages.

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