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  • Naeba Shokudo
  • Naeba Shokudo
  • Naeba Shokudo
  • Naeba Shokudo

Photo by Jonathan Ruggles Text by Jonathan Ruggles

Posted on 2022.7.30 17:43

Give Something Healthy a Try

Everybody loves festival food, right? Curry, noodles, hot dogs, kebabs. Delicious. But if you are in for the Fuji Rock all weekend long-haul you will probably about now start craving something that feels a bit more like it came from a kitchen, something cooked with love and full of nutrition and not just calories. If you’ve got this sort of craving creeping up on you, be sure to visit the Naeba Shokudo in the Oasis!

Yes, Naeba Shokudo isn’t just a stage, it is also a long-running Fuji Rock staple restaurant. The big main dish there is rice with toppings, like pickles, egg, natto, tororo, plenty of delicious and healthy things to throw on your rice. They also have an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style soup known as kenchin-jiru which really hits the spot without hitting the pocketbook, especially with a little red pepper flakes as it gets cold after sundown. Oh, and they have delicious sake too! Even more reasons to stop by!

Eat something your mother would approve of while you are at the festival, take care of your tummy and your soul at Naeba Shokudo.

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