The not-so-secret gift deal at Brew Dog

  • The not-so-secret gift deal at Brew Dog

Photo by Nina Cataldo Text by Nina Cataldo

Posted on 2022.7.30 20:23

The BrewDog tent at Gypsy Avalon has a great deal waiting for you.

If you venture to the eastern corner of the festival – i.e. Gypsy Avalon – you’ll find a whole wonderland with plenty of seating, sponsor tents, delicious food and drinks. Among them is Brew Dog, a Scottish brewery that has gained popularity in Japan over the years. While Jonathan already covered Brew Dog’s beer on this post, you may be excited to be in on the secret of how to receive a free Brew Dog t-shirt.

It’s simple: you get a Brew Dog sticker with every beer purchase (and the beer is cheaper here, ¥550, compared to other places) and when you’ve collected five stickers (in other words, buy five beers), you get a free shirt! The minimalist tee comes in black or white and has the company logo on it – quite stylish. If you work out the math, you get five delicious craft beers AND a shirt for ¥2,750. That’s a deal you won’t want to miss. Be sure to hurry before they run out!

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