Keep Your Eyes Shaded!

  • Keep Your Eyes Shaded!

Photo by おみそ Text by Mika C

Posted on 2022.7.30 20:51

An Unexpectedly Sunny Fuji Rock Weekend

The past couple days have proven to be unusually fortuitous in terms of weather! It is practically unheard of to have this much sun and this little rain throughout the weekend.

But with such sunny weather, we have to take care of ourselves. As many of the stage managers have been warning us: take lots of fluids! It’s easy to underestimate just how much hydration we need when we’re outside all day in this kind of heat. On top of hydrating, we still have to take care of our outer bodies too. That means sunscreen, reapplying sunscreen and protective gear. And we here at Fuji Rock have an excellent sunglasses recommendation!

This year, Fuji Rock staff has been outfitted with Polaroid (yes, like the camera!) sunglasses in some of their countless styles! Polaroid’s very stylish shades are amazing for festivals because they are lightweight, they protect from UV rays and they brighten colors for clearer vision.

Stay stylish and stay cool out there!

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